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Endless Boot Loop Void RBG wireless headset


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Just purchased the Void RGB white wireless headset from best-buy yesterday as an early Christmas gift to myself. Plugged it in installed drivers all is well. Today driver updated automatically and I turn around to find Half way through the install process, my PC crashed into a sound loop and then BSOD with the error code IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Now my PC is stuck in an endless boot loop. Can not boot in safe mode. Windows attempts to self repair on 3rd boot to fail and BSOD again. The error code listed the last few times had Corsair files listed but it doesn't stay on the screen long enough for me to read it fully. I can not access a DMP file either.


System specs are in my profile but just incase here they are: asus prime b450M, Veng LPX 16gb 300MHz, 980ti zotec extreme amp, WD m.2 1tb, seagate 1tb HDD, nzxt h510i, corsair 650w, sceptre c248b 144hz, windows 10 32bit, corsair scimitar pro, g109 keyboard, red dragon k55 keyboard.


Seen several users on the forums having exact same issues with ICUE possibly but this dates back to 2016. Tried several of the common fixes with no luck. Unpluggin all corsair devices, Tested the Ram and GPU no issues there. Any ideas to fix this I assume I'm stuck with a fresh windows install at this point but id like to still use the head set. Any tips at all is greatly appreciated.


Im no coding guru or anything like that, I can navigate CMD to some degree, fairly technical and follow direction well, but I wont be figuring out coding or cmd functions myself. I do have a ticket submitted to corsair Thanks in advance.

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