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Corsairs icue on Ubuntu/Linux OS a open letter to corsair


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Now corsair I'm a huge fan of your products my case is a old vengance c70 case that I've stuck with for a long time.


All my peripherals are corsair branded so when I made the switch to Linux/Ubuntu i figured i could use wine or get it off your website.


But I was sad to find out the closest I have is CKB-next that only controls the keyboard lighting not the mouse and headset lighting or options(like dpi).


The thing that puzzles me is that you have it on 2/3 of the major platforms MacOS and Windows but not on linux.


In 2014 in the corsair fourms a post labeled "a (unofficial) linux/ox driver" was posted this was the CKB alpha this had alot of attention even a corsair product manager with the user corsair James said it was interesting and lots of people liked it.


This combined with linux gaming growing seeing corsair fully support linux would definitely make more people switch over to Linux itself but also make more people buy their products



fourm post: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133929


Others wanting corsair to support linux



Stats of linux users that game:



Native and working steam linux games:



I honestly hope that corsair will eventually support linux.....

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