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So I've been using the Corsair Void Elite Wireless for a little over a year now. I've only had a few problems here and there with low mic audio or just the buggy ICUE software, but other than that I absolutely LOVE this headset! I'm not planning on switching anytime soon and I think it's a great choice for a gaming headset.


With that said, however, I found that within my year of using this headset I have not once used the audio wheel button (push down, not the actual volume wheel) intentionally or found any use for it whatsoever. As it is now I think the functionality for the wheel is completely useless, especially since most people will only stick to one audio preset while they use this headset. The initial reason I thought about this was because I wanted to find a way to pause my music easily without being at my keyboard since I'm not always there, so I looked into the ICUE settings and found no way to rebind the button (quite a letdown considering that I had no other use for this button and it would be very useful).


I think it would be an amazing feature to be able to remap this button to another media key or any key in general. My other corsair product (K95) is fully remappable and I know everyone loves that functionality! I can't imagine many people use the button for the current function that it serves today, however, simply adding in the feature to rebind the volume wheel button and mic button would be of great use to anyone who doesn't use them.


Please consider adding this feature, and anyone who feels this would be useful please let Corsair know! Thank you! :D:

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