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MP500 OS-disk bad clusters


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My MP500 m.2 SSD has bad clusters can i fix those somehow?


MP500 SSD contains windows only.



4 days ago my system bluescreened. When i started up my pc closed background tasks and opened everything i needed in order to work on university project: 2tabs of chrome for html files, one CLion window for my c++ code and discord. I did not run any of my c++ code at all and this is when my bluescreen occured.


When booting for the first time my pc threw me to BIOS. After exiting without saving i rebooted and got back into windows. I found out my windows was corrupted after I perfermed multiple chkdsk /r each repairing stuff until we reached the point where only some bad clusters were reported, then we did a Windows 10 repair install, a disc/online /restorehealth /...., an sfc /scannow to fix windows.

Windows now doesn't recognise some applicatons i have, which is to be expected after repairing so much corrupted data. however when running diskcheck now it tells me i have bad clusters.


How to know whether the ssd hardware has failed or the BSOD corrupted the filesystem?


How to get the SMART info and test the ssd hardware ? Corsair Software Tool is not very helpful as the drive seems to not support most of its features.


Would a format remove the bad clusters ? Quickformat ? Security wipe ?


I've had this SSD for little over 2 years now and cost me around €150,00 it would be ashame if this isn't repairable and this disk might be failing on me soon.


Any help or info on bad clusters for SSD's could be helpfull and will be much appreciated.

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