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Question about RMA'd Corsair VS

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OK, the 2 x 512 Corsair VS pc3200(vs512mb400) I sent back were almost the same from what I could tell by looking at them. The numbers on the chips didn't all match, they looked slightly different, but the 2 sticks ran well in dual channel without a single problem. Unfortunately a bad PSU wiped out a system I had and ruined those two sticks, a motherboard and my CPU.


I got my RMA's in no time, good job guys! My problem is, the 2 sticks that were sent back to me aren't even close to being the same. They look totally different, the numbers on the chips do not match and they will not run in dual channel with any kind of stabilty. In CPUz one of them is listed as being a Xerox module, not a Corsair module, like both of the ones I sent back. I guess my question would be - Is this something that can be corrected, seeing one isn't even listed as a Corsair module, or am I SOL? I suppose I was just hoping for the same quality components I returned to them. Thank you for any help and/or advice.


The system that blew up is still in my sig. I am currently running:


A64 3500+ 90nm

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

BFG FX 5900XT - modded to hell and back

2 x 512 - 1 Corsair VS and 1 Spektek - running in dual channel @ 222Mhz 2.5,3,7,3 1T

2 x 36G Raptors/RAID0

1 x 40G Seagate for storage

Antec True Power 480w

Win XP w/SP2

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