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Network drive slowing ICUE

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I thought I would put this out there as it took me two weeks to figure this out. My mapped network drives were causing ICUE to lag for some strange reason. It's like they were fighting for resources. I noticed serious lag when opening and navigating ICUE.


It has something to do with user authentication in windows I believe. I had to disconnect the mapped network drives that I had connected to resolve the issue. I haven't yet narrowed down how to keep my drives connected without causing issues.


To be clear this was one PC connected to shared folders on another PC that I have an admin account on.


And before you ask, this was after a fresh install of windows. I found the entire thing rather odd and thought this might help someone out there.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have mapped network drives on my home network with similar permissions and haven't run into what you've reported. Please share if you're able to find anything further about this.


May have to do with this Windows Explorer issue:



Also see here:https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1094680#post1094680

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