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No Device Detected - HX 850i and LL120 RGB Fans


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Hi there,


I'm struggling hard to get iCUE to recognize my HX 850i PSU and LL120 RGB fans. I've read through quite a few forum posts and troubleshooting videos and nothing seems to rectify my issue. Controllers / links are all plugged in correctly and everything seems to be powered adequately.


Problem Description:

About 6 months ago I installed a new PSU (HX 850i) and struggled then to get iCUE to recognize the device. After playing with Link, uninstalling, installing, installing iCUE, etc. I did finally get it to work, although I can't remember the specific fix. Shortly afterwards, iCUE stopped working again and I've just been living with it since.


I now have three new LL120 RGB fans that are spinning and lighting up, but still no devices recognized in iCUE. I suspect it is a software issue with the USB header and detecting the devices, but am not sure how to trouble shoot further.


Known Values:

Disabled Fast Boot

Legacy USB does not appear in BIOS

XHCI handoff does not appear in BIOS

Windows is latest version

iCUE is latest version, has been reinstalled, and power cycled the computer

No other RGB software installed (besides Razer mouse / keyboard)

System specs in profile, but let me know if you need additional info


Thank you!



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