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Subtle "hiss" from both HDMI & DisplayPort output (Corsair One i200)

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I just unboxed my i200 last night and got things connected. I installed the most current drivers from the Corsair site, including the nVidia drivers.


I have a Dell U3419W and my i200 is connected via DisplayPort (I also tried HDMI output with the same result), and at various times - no pattern I could find, I suddenly noticed a slight hiss coming from the monitor speakers. The slight hiss doesn't change in tone or volume if I turn the speaker volume up. If I turn the volume all the way down to zero, the hiss disappears.


I had iCue running and open so I could watch the pump/fan speed to see if changes to those numbers corresponds to the appearance of the hiss. Sometimes the hiss will appear for a few seconds then go away but, many times, I turn the volume all the way to zero and turn it back up a bit and it goes away for a few seconds to several minutes before coming back. The hiss didn't correspond to any changes I saw in iCue.


When I plug in the computer I was using immediately prior to the i200, there is zero hiss at any time. There is nothing else running in my office that would cause electrical interference to introduce noise - I wasn't using wireless (wired network connection only), was using a wired keyboard and mouse, and have no other electronic gadgetry in the office at the time. I live in a detached single-family home on decent sized lot, so anything that would cause EMI to be induced into the signal ought to show up when I have my other computer connected but there is nothing.


This doesn't necessarily help but, I connected a pair of Audeze gaming headphones via USB and there is no extraneous noise after using them for ten minutes.


I was hoping to find a BIOS update for the i200 but it doesn't seem like any are posted at all, so I assume the only BIOS available is what shipped with the i200.


Just hoping someone else has run into this and could offer some advice. Seems like it could be driver related... Thanks!

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Thanks for the response! No, no hiss at all when another computer is connected to the monitor. That's one of the things I tested and is in my original post :-) I wish the hiss was there with my other PC, then I wouldn't care. Odd issue, I know.
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Whilst looking for another issue with my i200 i came across this post and wanted to say I have also had the same electrical hiss come from my i200 in various situations. Usually when running a VR or separate display device, but also sometimes when running a game full screen.


Just wondered if you had any response on what this noise is?

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