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New HX 1200 PSU faulty?


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Hi all,


Looking for some help on a new PSU I just bought.


I am adding a new GPU to my PC (adding a Titan XP to my 2 x 1080 TI's) and have bought a new HX 1200 to replace my 2 year old RM1000x PSU, which works fine btw, just not enough juice.


The problem is the PC won't boot after I've installed the PSU. I've tried it a few times now. The 1000 works fine, but the 1200 doesn't want to play ball. The Pc seems to get power for a few seconds then it resets itself and goes on this cycle until i turn it off. It doesn't get to BIOS.


Here's a little video I took of it: [ame]



If anyone can give me any pointers I'd really appreciate it. What are the chances the PSU could be faulty?




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