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Corsair LL120 doesnt light up


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So i bought the corsair ll120 3 pack, which came with lightning node pro

I decided to buy some rgb strips from corsair aswell. Problem is, neither of them is lighting up, and im fine with the rgb strips but im sad about the fans.

I've checked if both my usb headers work, and they do, but it wont light up, i've updated my chipset, still wont light up, and it can't detect the lightning node pro in ICUE either, so what can i do to make it work? :/


Update: Now im certain that its the lightning node pro that doesn't wanna cooperate. I tried to switch my led hub with my led strips on the LNP but nothing happened, so the LNP must not wanna cooperate. I've tried both usb headers on my motherboard, and i have the nzxt that provides more 2,0 headers, and that didn't work either.. So idk where the problem is

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