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Maximum capacity of Corsair Lighting Node Pro?


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Hello all


I'm about to build a new system, and was planning on getting a few Corsair components. However, I'm not sure if all the lighting can be ran off one Lighting Node Pro? I'm really trying to avoid the (frankly quite overpriced) Commander if I can!


I'll be getting:

- Either 3x SP120 Pro or 3x ML120 Fans

- 3x LL120 Fans

- Lighting Pro Expansion kit (the in-case RGB strips)

- an XD5 pump/res

- an XC7 CPU water block


Would I be able to run all of this off one Pro? It says it can handle two lines of 6 fans, but I don't know how the various other bits fit into that?


Alternatively, could I do everything except the non-LL120 fans? The LL120 set I'm looking at comes with a Node Pro, but with the other fans, there's a SP120 Pro set for only a tiny amount more that would come with its own controller (the basic one, I forget the name)


As a final option, I could also get two Pro's (by having a second one with the rgb strips in a set) for still cheaper than the commander, would that be viable if one alone isn't?



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