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omg i love this keyboard on a MAC and the software even works!

Jigs Gaton

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Hi all, first time caller here, and I just bailed on RAZOR and bought a K95 Platinum RGB - love this keyboard! It's a beast, with cool lights. Reminds me of my IBM days back in the 80's, when keyboards were not pieces of junk. Thank u Corsair for doing what no other company can do, make a decent keyboard for a mac.


But I have questions...


Is there a way to remap the caps lock, my bad, I keep hitting it by accident.


Where are the best tutorials for learning how to use iCue Macros and Actions?


Is there a profile that includes ALL the Mac keyboard stuff, like a way to do print screen?


Ok, I could ask more, but I don't want to burden u all right now, before I read up...




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