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Found 5 results

  1. Been wanting to learn to overclock my current build so I can get it running correctly, started another thread thinking the RAM was the issue but wasn't so I'm thinking it's just not stable but other than using the XMPI/II I don't know almost anything about overclocking as I've never seen the point personally. Thing is the setup for both XMP's sets the RAM to 2666, like I want, but games always eventually lock up the system. I've already tried new ram so now I have 64gb's of ram as faulty hardware isn't the issue, and also a new gpu because we thought that was the problem the first time. I've so far read around online that unstable overclocking can make your computer freeze/lock up and/or BSOD randomly or very often if setup wrong. I figured the XMP files would automatically be alright as it's what the RAM was tested for but maybe not. If anyone has any video's or guides how to do it step by step or if anyone has a similar build or the same exact build! Been tempted to take the ram a little lower and possibly give the CPU a couple steps up for voltage as that can freeze/crash your computer too I'm sure.
  2. SOLVED: it was an "oh duh" situation, I missed a sata that was hiding behind my psu This is my first build so sorry if this is an "oh duh" situation. I have the 280x case and admittedly I didn't change any of what came plugged into the lighting node pro and fan hub, both channels of the pro were full *I double checked and only the fan hub is plugged into the lighting node pro* and 2 of the hub were full *with the case fans*. I also have a hydro cooler with everything plugged into just itself and the mobo, it's running with full RGB. I also have 2 additional LL120 fans that are running, also plugged into the hub and the mobo. Neither the case fans nor the additional fans are lighting up and nothing I try in iCUE is changing anything. iCUE only detects the lighting pro, not the cooler or hub. I don't have my case USB plugged in since that wouldn't allow room for my additional fans and I have a ton on my mobo, hoping that isn't related. *found another header I overlooked so case USB 3 is plugged in, headset plugged into that and recognized/working in iCUE* In general iCUE befuddles me, please help me figure out how to get all my rainbows going ❤︎
  3. Hi all, first time caller here, and I just bailed on RAZOR and bought a K95 Platinum RGB - love this keyboard! It's a beast, with cool lights. Reminds me of my IBM days back in the 80's, when keyboards were not pieces of junk. Thank u Corsair for doing what no other company can do, make a decent keyboard for a mac. But I have questions... Is there a way to remap the caps lock, my bad, I keep hitting it by accident. Where are the best tutorials for learning how to use iCue Macros and Actions? Is there a profile that includes ALL the Mac keyboard stuff, like a way to do print screen? Ok, I could ask more, but I don't want to burden u all right now, before I read up... Cheers, Jigs
  4. Hey guys. On the poduct page is stated, that the 570X can hold a 360mm radiator in the front, a 240mm in the top and a 120mm in the back. As I'd like to do a "maximum build", my question is: Does this case support all these radiators at once as well? Or will they interfere with eachother? My plan was to use 30-35mm thick radiators.
  5. Just bought my shiny new K70 RGB today and I am truly impressed! I have been playing with the software in Windows to see its capabilities before I try to get it working on my Ubuntu Linux box. I have achieved some cool effects so far: changing the color of scroll lock and num lock keys when pressed so the keys themselves act as indicators and doing the same with caps lock except making it flash when activated (I hate forgetting to disable caps lock so I wanted it to grab my attention). One effect I wanted was for the num pad to be dark except for the num lock key when num lock is off, and when I press the num lock key, change the color of the whole num pad to blue. I'm beginning to be discouraged by my findings while searching this forum: From the CUE feature request thread, pretty much the functionality I'm looking for: "Initiating a lighting effect on other keys with the press of a specific key or group of keys: This applies (unlike reactive typing) only to a single key or a selected group of keys, which initiates a group or single key lighting on a selected group/key." http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=138328&highlight=numlock I started thinking changing modes may be the key (pun not intended) "Have a normal profile, but remap the numlock key to change mode instead of only make the numpad work or not." http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=154475&highlight=numlock Then I saw this: "You can use the number lock key as a mode switcher or a number lock, not both at the same time." http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=154552&highlight=numlock So is what I want to do even possible?
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