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Unsure of setup, 280x case fans not lighting up/can't control in icue


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SOLVED: it was an "oh duh" situation, I missed a sata that was hiding behind my psu


This is my first build so sorry if this is an "oh duh" situation.


I have the 280x case and admittedly I didn't change any of what came plugged into the lighting node pro and fan hub, both channels of the pro were full *I double checked and only the fan hub is plugged into the lighting node pro* and 2 of the hub were full *with the case fans*. I also have a hydro cooler with everything plugged into just itself and the mobo, it's running with full RGB. I also have 2 additional LL120 fans that are running, also plugged into the hub and the mobo. Neither the case fans nor the additional fans are lighting up and nothing I try in iCUE is changing anything. iCUE only detects the lighting pro, not the cooler or hub. I don't have my case USB plugged in since that wouldn't allow room for my additional fans and I have a ton on my mobo, hoping that isn't related. *found another header I overlooked so case USB 3 is plugged in, headset plugged into that and recognized/working in iCUE*


In general iCUE befuddles me, please help me figure out how to get all my rainbows going ❤︎

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Which Hydro Cooler?

And the hub won't be detected separately. You'll configure that for the channel on the LNP that it is connected to. You need to tell the channel what is connected to it; they aren't detected.

It may help for you to check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature.

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