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Need RMA for bad memory module


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I've determined through my Motherboard tech support that 1 of my Corsair Memory modules has failed (#VS512MB533D2). I purchased on Feb. 28th from Zipzoomfly.com as part of a 1GB pair. My Motherboard is an ASUS P5GD2 - Premium, also purchased at the same time as memory from Zipzoomfly.

Everything was fine for a couple of weeks....then about 5 days ago I began receiving a message at boot up 'System failed due to CPU overclocking'. I didn't do any tweaks to the BIOS to attempt overclocking. I tried to adjust CAS Latency first, as instructed by tech support from Asus. No change. They then had me take out 1 stick of the pair....boot up with stick 2, and system was fine. Switched out stick 2 with stick 1 into the same memory bank....booted up and back to message 'system failed due to CPU overclocking'. Pulled out stick 1 completely, put system back together and have been running fine since then (approx. 2 days now).


Returns to Zipzoomfly can only be made within first 30days...which has passed a few days back. I would like to return this for a new module of the same model.

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