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I think i have one bad module


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I rescently got 2 512mb pc3200 DDR 400mhz twinx corsair modules. Rescently for no reason at all my system shut down completly and refused to start up again. I yanked the two memory modules and replaced it with my old memory and it worked. I tried it back again with the new ones and same thing. THen I put the old memory back in and it work stable. I then tried it one module at a time and I found that I think ones of the sticks is bad. What should I do next. It works stable with the 512 in there just not when both are


System specs:


Asus p4ce 800-e deluxe motherboard

p4 3.0E GIGhz 800mhz cpu

ati radeon 9800 pro

1 sata 250GB hdd

1 dvdr


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