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Ironclaw Mouse and K63 KB (Charging from Wall Plug)


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I have Ironclaw Mouse and K63 KB couch setup and it is more convenient for me to charge them from a wall plug.


I also have both units connected first to USB 3.0 hub (not powered) before going to be charged by single USB 3.0 cable that will be connected to power adapter on a wall plug. I am using Couchmaster from Nerdytec for the reference.


Is that will be OK? what is required voltage/wattage/amp (min and max values) specs for the power adapter in this case?


I am currently charging both units via single USB 3.0 cable from the mentioned USB 3.0 hub (where both units are connected to) connected to USB 3.0 port on my PC and charging is working fine. However, as I said, it will be more convenient for me to charge them from the wall with single cable/adapter because wall plug is near the couch where the PC is like 5m away, and also I usually want to turn off my PC while I keep my units charging.

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