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cmx512re-3200llpt rma request x2

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have 2 bad sticks of CMX512RE-3200LLPT ram.


symptoms: random blue screen crashing at any load -- windows would fail to boot with ECC enabled in bios. memtest also fails to load with ECC enabled.


upon disabling ECC, windows boots fine, and memtest runs fine. memtest also reports back 4000+ errors originating during tests 5 and 7 -- all located on dimm sticks 3 and 4.


removing sticks 3 and 4, and switching stick 2 into the 3 slot allows me to enable ECC and tests come back all good also.


so those 2 bad sticks are sitting back in their original retail packaging and i need an RMA number because this comp needs to run at 100% like, yesterday.





comp info:


msi master2-far k8t800 chipset

opteron 246 x2

bfg geforce 6800ultra

cmx512re-3200llpt x4

wd raptor 74gig sata 10k rpm

enermax 465ve power supply

win xp sp2

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