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Corsair SF450 - Very loud noise without load


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Faced a strange problem a few days ago, the computer woke me up at night with a very very very loud squeak, the computer was turned off, but the power supply was plugged in and the I\O button ON.

I switched off the I\O button and moment later it was quiet.

No smell of burning wiring or overheating...

Minute later i turned on the I\O button and the squeaking noise started to grow...

Unplugged the PSU till next evening.

Surprisingly 16 hours later there was no squeaking noise or else, system seems to be working fine...


The PSU is - 450W Corsair SF450

2 years old, almost clean (use a vac once a year)

System based on: i5 8500, GTX1050ti, 1 SSD, 1 HDD, ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING

Gaming - once a mounth for 0.5 hour... far cry 5, caesar 3, mostly cad user


Any experience or knowledge of what could it be?

Should i worry?

Change the PSU?

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