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Raptor K40 backlighting/profile issues


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I have been searching the internet for days, and put in a support ticket with Corsair, but I am having zero luck finding anything.


I have been having issues for just about a year now (hasn't bothered me until now as I had everything setup in another room for VR so I ahevn't used it) with the profiles and backlighting not working at all. I have to reinstall the gaming software on my PC every single time I restart or log off in order for it to work again and it is driving me to insanity.

Now if I can't even get a fix from Corsair I'll be giving this keyboard away and finding something else.


Has ANYONE else had issue like this? I have tried all fixes for every model Corsair has in a last ditch attempt while waiting for Corsair to get back to me but nothing has worked. It would bother me even less if my macros still worked but they don't, it's almost like the keyboard doesn't actually reconnect to the software yet I can still use it.

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