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Could Raptor owners do a quick test for me, to check if mine is faulty?

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Hi everyone,

My K40 is supposed to be n-key rollover.
However, it generates wrong output when certain buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Would Raptor owners be so kind to do a quick test for me, to see if more K40s (but also K50, etc.) have the issue?

- Open Notepad
- Make sure Num Lock is switched ON
- Press the following keys simultaneously:


- RIGHT arrow (just to the left of the keypad, so *NOT* the NUM-6 key)
- NUM-4
- NUM-8
- ENTER (on the keypad)

Please let me know the result in Notepad.*
Thanks so much!!

(* Expected result: a four, an eight and an ENTER... or multiples, depending how long you held each key)

Short background info:
I use the numpad for gaming (instead of WASD).
But when I press the above keys together, my keyboard ALSO gives the wrong command '0' (zero).
In other words, it's like I also press NUM-0, while I don't touch that key.

I had to unbind the NUM-0 key, to prevent wrong actions from happening in-game.
However, there are more combinations that lead to wrong output, e.g.:

- NUM-4
- NUM-5
- NUM-8
- RIGHT arrow
==> Will switch on/off Num lock (and suddenly I can't move anymore in-game).


- Page Down
- NUM-8
==> Will output '3' (bound to 'throw grenade').

You might understand random grenade throws get old, very fast 😉

I contacted Corsair support, but they don't understand the problem either and don't have a K40 to test with.
They tried to help me quite well, but when they found out my keyboard is from 2015, the Tech Support Supervisor said:
"It's possible the keyboard is nearing the end of it's life and not functioning as it's supposed to."

Personally, I don't believe this is the root cause; it feels like a firmware issue to me, but there's no way to prove it without your help.
Also, they offered me a 15% discount on a new product, though, but I definitely won't buy another Corsair keyboard without knowing if more models have the issue.

If you reached this point, thanks so much for reading it all and your help!

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I think the support guy gave you the lazy, but most likely cause of failure ^^

those membrane keyboards aren't as durable as mechanicals when used intensively on the same keys.

Corsair mechanical keyboards (like other brands) usually have failing rgb lights here and there, but the switches very rarely fail, if at all.

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