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Found 15 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, Comme en 2017, mon clavier Corsair K40 fait des siennes. Après quelques mois de bons et loyaux services sous Windows 10, mon clavier à décidé de planter : les 3 LEDs clignotent et il est détecté comme "KBD BOOT LOADER" dans la liste des périphériques et imprimantes du panneau de configuration. Comme dit plus haut, j'ai déjà eu ce problème en 2017 sous Windows 7. Le problème est connu, la solution aussi : il faut flasher le firmware du clavier. Comme en 2017, j'ai contacté le SAV Corsair et comme en 2017 c'est la foire à la mauvaise foi. On me dit d'abord que le clavier n'est pas compatible Windows 10, ce qui est faut puisqu'il fonctionnait très bien depuis mars. Puis que le programme pour flasher le firmware n'est pas compatible Windows 10. Pour enfin m'informer que Corsair ne peut pas m'envoyer le dit programme : il semblerait qu'ils l'aient perdu :mad: On soulignera leur incompétence en plus de leur mauvaise foi. J'en appelle donc à la communauté : est-ce que quelqu'un aurait la bonté d'âme de fournir à Corsair, et à moi même par la même occasion, le fameux programme permettant de flasher le clavier ? Merci !
  2. Hello to everyone, Few days ago I faced a big problem with my Corsair Raptor K40. The LED were almost all shutdown, it wasn't recognized anymore by the software and the most annoying thing : the LED for CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK... kept flashing. I saw in my Control Panel that the Keyboard was now recognized by Windows as a "KBD Boot Loader". So I tried to search for a solution on the whole internet, but nobody seemed to have the solution. I got even more worried when I came across this post from Corsair : Windows 10 Compatibility I also read somewhere what upgrading to Windows 10 would cause such problem but actually, I managed to make my Keyboard works again. So this solution is certainly mostly dedicated for people owning this Keyboard and having upgraded to Windows 10. 1. Download the last software and driver from the website of Corsair : Link 2. Install the software on your PC. 3. Now, go into your Control Panel 4. Go inside the section "View devices and printers". You should see your keyboard with the name "KBD Boot Loader" 5. Right-click on it and click on Properties 6. Inside the Properties, go in the Hardware section. You should see two device functions : HID Keyboard Device and USB Input Device. 7. Select the USB Input Device and click on "Properties". 8. Click on "Change Settings" and then go in the "Driver" Section. At this point, you should see this : http://i.imgur.com/faeo8Hu.png 9. Here, you have to click on Update driver. 10. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software". 11. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" 12. Click on "Have Disk" and then click on "Browse" for the next window. 13. Here, you have to find a special file inside the software you installed. This is the path I have : C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\K40 firmware update\Driver\X64 (If you have a 32bits version of Windows, select the X86 folder instead) You'll have to select the file "CORK40.inf" http://i.imgur.com/hFJUqhK.png 14. Press "OK" to validate the installation. Now back in the Hardware properties of the device, the "USB Input Device" should have turned into "Corsair K40 Gaming Keyboard". 15. Now select the HID Keyboard Device and click on "Properties". 16. Click on "Change settings". 17. Go in the Driver section and click on "Uninstall". Validate every message of Windows coming for this uninstallation 18. Now, in the Hardware section there should be only the "Corsair K40 Gaming Keyboard" remaining even if your keyboard will still shows as "KBD Boot Loader". Don't worry we're almost done ! 19. Install the "K40FwUpdate" file. Once it's done, the updater should show up. 20. Launch the update action on your keyboard (which should be recognized now) and wait for it to install his files. 21. You're done ! Your keyboard should (magically) lights up again ! I don't know if it could work on other keyboards from the K series, but I hope it'll help people :).
  3. Built new PC, plugged in my Corsair mouse and KB. All works okay but I want the driver so I can sort out the RGB and macros. But, no driver online! Going through Support>Downloads, putting in Gaming Keyboards and K40 or Raptor yields no results. I just keep getting iCUE but that doesn't work. Come on Corsair sort this out. You cannot tell me you no longer support this keyboard!
  4. I have been searching the internet for days, and put in a support ticket with Corsair, but I am having zero luck finding anything. I have been having issues for just about a year now (hasn't bothered me until now as I had everything setup in another room for VR so I ahevn't used it) with the profiles and backlighting not working at all. I have to reinstall the gaming software on my PC every single time I restart or log off in order for it to work again and it is driving me to insanity. Now if I can't even get a fix from Corsair I'll be giving this keyboard away and finding something else. Has ANYONE else had issue like this? I have tried all fixes for every model Corsair has in a last ditch attempt while waiting for Corsair to get back to me but nothing has worked. It would bother me even less if my macros still worked but they don't, it's almost like the keyboard doesn't actually reconnect to the software yet I can still use it.
  5. I need a help with macro for G-keys to open the windows calculator. Tried with advanced options, but when i select hardware playback, it doesnt work. Can someone help!?
  6. So my old MB died. Now on my new system I have three flashing lights for the num/scroll/and caps lock. All the posts I've read say dead device but no one is saying that it's a for sure thing. Is that the case? I did not spill anything or have any problems prior to the MB giving up the ghost. Plugged it into my sons computer and the I'm getting the same 3 flashing lights. I did open a support request with Corsair.
  7. Hi, I have a Raptor K40 (P/N: CH-9000051-UK) with some missing and worn keys. I would like to know what are my options for replacing the keys. Thank you for any help provided.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if the Raptor K40 had Corsair Cue support. Thanks! This is the keyboard: http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/raptor-k40-gaming-keyboard
  9. HI when a start a game the profile selected of that game it work , but the color not change. is a note bug , and the softwere of this keyboard is very old ( 2013). there is an update ?
  10. Hello everyone, ------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: Today I received my first crosair keyboard which is a K40. When I bought it i thought it can be implemented in the CUE software but i was wrong and it has its own software. At first I was a little bit disapointed since i wanted to combine my already exsisting profiles for the cimitar (mouse) and the void wireless (headset). But after installing the K40 software I realized that the keybord also has automatic profil switching when assigned to a program (path.exe). So I was happy.. until* PROBLEM: *I detected that when I set the different profils to different colours and have them assigned to automatically switch when a program (.exe) is started, The colour wont change. I checked it with the G-Keys - The profiles are switching and everything works except the colour wont change. The automatic switch is displayed with the info on the right corner of the screen (this needs to be manually checked in the software) and looks as followed: Start game X with profile X -> Info = profileX/M1 || Start internet with profile Y -> Info = profileY/M1 As mentioned before the funtions of the G-Keys are switching with the profile but the colour wont change. QUESTION: Is this a bug on the software, my OS (Windows 10) or the K40 Or did they really not include colour switching when changeing profiles???? When I hit the M-Buttons the colour switches to whatever it was set in te software (However hitting the M-Buttons does not switch the profil it always stays on the the same profile [M1: profile1/M1 or M2: prfile1/M2]). Why does it not funciton with the profile changes when assigned to a program (path.exe)???? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please help Thank you for your time and effort in advance. Have a nice day
  11. I own a K40, and I noticed the backlight was off and the three circles (labelled 1,A, down arrow with a line.) were flashing nonstop. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?:dunno:
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if someone with a K40 could confirm or test something for me. I have been asked to source a keyboard for an office environment that will allow users to automate some multiple key commands into a single key press to reduce hand strain of performing these actions all day. From the promotional material it looks like the K40 will be the most cost effective keyboard to get these Features but I wanted to confirm before ordering them that they will indeed meet our requirements. They Keyboard needs to: (1)Have a row of programmable macro buttons. (2)Macro programming must be stored on the keyboard and played back from hardware as to be portable between computers with no need for software to be running on the host system. (3)Macros should be programmable directly from the keyboard but if we have to set up software on a single workstation to program the macros and then deliver the programmed keyboards to users that will also be acceptable as long as the macros don't rely on the software to function. (4)Be able to marco common Windows shortcuts e.g. Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V, Ctrl + X , Ctrl + S and have them work properly in Windows as well as 3rd party software. I wouldn't think this was an issue but was reading the following and it got me wondering: "There will be some limitations to Hardware Playback due to how it interfaces with the OS. Anything you have binded that launches applications or does an OS command will not work, for example, due to the OS not allowing an external component to execute it. However, macros and key stroke bindings will continue to work so you can use them for the games you enjoy." http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/blog/2013/november/setting-a-macro (5) Promo material says the K40 needs a 500+ mA high power USB 2.0 port. Will the K40 work with a standard 500mA usb 2.0 port if LED backlight is not used or will we need a powered Hub or USB 3 port (900mA) regardless? As these will be used with office PC and Thin clients they may not have USB 3 support until they are up for refresh. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  13. I've written a program in Qt/C++ that will change the k40 backlight colours. It will pop up a colour wheel dialogue where a colour can be selected. It also has shortcut buttons for favourite colours. There are more features, like pulsing, but this is a work in progress and not really sure where I'm going with it. The original purpose was only to be able to change the current keyboard colour as I couldn't find any Linux support to change it from the default 'cherry' red. The code is based on k4-set-colour by Clément Vuchener. The source is at https://github.com/bennyPerth/Corsair-K40-colours. It requires Qt to compile and run it. There is an executabe in the build folder. The program will only work in supervisor mode as it requires write access to the USB device nodes.
  14. I recently bought the k40 keyboard and I have this very strange issue with it. Every time I press the Left Arrow key, my system volume would go down a bit or it would bring up my right-click menu. Depending on the context it may be a little different. I tried to set up a macro and record my pressing the left key to discover just what it was simulating. When I enable macro recording and press the left arrow key I see that it sends out a whole slew of keystrokes. Some virtual keys and a bunch of other random ones. http://i.imgur.com/xgG7grp.png http://i.imgur.com/ih76ADg.png It seems as if the left arrow key is associated with a macro of some sort. It seems to be signaling all the keys within that row of the keyboard along with some other nonexistent keys. These are all the keys it seems to be signaling in order. VK:E9,LCtrl,VK:ae,VK:EB,LAlt,LWin,RCtrl,RAlt,RWin,Space,Left,Down,App
  15. I bought the corsair k40 few months ago and oneo f the rubber soles allready came of the keyboard. is there any way i can buy reserve somewhere?
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