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H150i pro with commander pro


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I need help guys.


This is my first build and im quite stuck trying to figure out how and what's the best way to connect the H150i pro AIO.


Here's a breakdown of what i have for cooling:

- H150i pro

- LL120mm triple RGB fans pack

- LL120mm triple RGB fans pack (static pressure)

- Commander pro


9 Fans in total including the ones that come with the H150i pro. I live in the desert that's why i need this many for cooling.


Im confused as i don't know where to start:


- should i connect the pump via USB directly to the motherboard and connect the 3 fan headers from the pump to the fans that came with the H150i pro? Or connect the pump and all 9 fans directly to the commander pro (I'll use fan splitter for the remaining 3) and have full control over RPM and RGB?


I'll connect the RGB cables from 6 fans to the LED hub that came with the LL120, and then connect the hub to the commander pro. I have two hubs so it should be fine.



- Or should i connect the H150i pro to the motherboard and have it separate from the 6 LL120 RGB fans. So the remaining 6 fans will be connected to the commander.




NOTE: im doing pull/pull configuration. Pulling fresh air from the outside through the rad and then another 3 fans on the back of the rad also pulling air from the rad. So the rad is sandwiched.


What do i do guys?

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The pump has it's own internal fan controller with a three fan power channels. Add that to 6 on Commander Pro and you are all set. Radiators fans on H150i. Case fans on C-Pro.


Lighting - The H150i will show in iCUE as it's own device as long as you have it connected to the board via USB. You can adjust pump lighting from the software. The included fans are non-LED. The "dummy fan lead" coming off the H150i goes to CPU fan or another header if necessary. All it does it report a pump speed to the BIOS and prevent/warn you if their is a CPU boot error (device fails on power on). This only works when on CPU Fan for every motherboard I know of. The lead can be moved elsewhere with no consequence, other than losing the warning system.


Fan Lighting - You will only need 1 RGB Lighting Hub at this time for the 6 LL fans. That then connects to 1 of the 2 RGB channels on the C-Pro.



OK, I see your push pull thing now. Can you elaborate as to what fans go where? Are you dumping the 3 ML120 Quiet that came with the cooler? Or LL120s on one side? Most likely 3 of the fans will connect via the C-Pro for power. From within the software, you can create a fan curve to match the one from the H150i so both sides run similar speeds (or whatever you prefer).


*You referenced LL120mm triple pack (static pressure). What fans are you referring to? The white, higher speed LL120s? Something different?

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