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Two bad TWINX modules

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I have a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz procesor with 2GB (4 x 512 MB modules) of Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT DDR400 Dual-Channel memory running from an MSI 865PE NEO2-FIS2R 478-socket motherboard (800MHz FSB). Rest of the machine is up to spec: Windows XP Pro (not SP2 yet), Radeon 9800 256MB gfx, Audigy 2, etc. I have tested my memory with a boot-cd of Memtest-86 v.3.


I first noticed a problem when programs started crashing for no apparent reason, first games and then more stable stuff like Firefox. Naturally I thought some virus or trojan was causing havok, but my virus checker (Norton Internet Security 2004) came back clean. My friend suggested it might be my RAM, so I found the above memory tester and had a go. Sure enough, my memory was failing (one of the last tests, I think.) So I tested each pair of modules - one pair works fine (and is providing my RAM needs as I write this), and the other does not. Further testing (using the modules one at a time) revealed that they both corrupt data (in one of the tests the data 00c000 would be turned into 00d000 or similar.) When I removed these faulty modules all my programs began running fine again.


Since then I have updated my BIOS to MSI's most recent release (provided through the latest version of their Live Updater), reinserted my two supposedly-faulty RAM modules and retested it all. Both in a practical test involving a game (Operation Flashpoint, which crashed) and a program (Firefox, which also crashed) and the actual memory test the modules failed. Removal of the two faulty modules resulted in a correction of these problems: the game worked fine, and I'm still running Firefox right now.


I can't think of anything else that could be broken.


I cannot contact the retailer from whom I ordered the part because their return policy states that no product can be returned after 15 days. My computer has worked for over a year, and this problem is recent (a few months - I've been too busy to deal with it fully, short of removing the RAM and placing the modules into anti-static bags.)


Could someone please advise on what I might try next, or if I have a chance at getting these two modules replaced?

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If you answered this I am sorry but did or can you test the modules one at a time with these settings and lets make sure one is not failing?

Dim Voltage to +2.7 Volts (2.8 Volts with all 4)

CAS Latency CL=2.5 ( Cass 3 with 4 modules)

Row Cycle Time tRC Bios Default

Row Refresh Cyc Time tRFC Bios Default

Ras# to CAS# delay tRCD 3

Row to Row delay Bios Default

Min Ras# Active Time tRAS 6 (TRAS at 8 with all 4)

Row Precharge Time tRP 3

Write Recovery Time Bios Default

Write to Read delay Bios Default

Read to Write Delay Bios Default

Refresh Period tREF Bios Default

Enable 2T Timing Disabled

Then test the system with http://www.memtest.org and make sure it's stable!

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