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Keyboard Suddenly Not Working


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Greetings All,


My Corsair Raptor K50 suddenly stopped working. Not sure if this related to any recent Windows Update or not but the symptoms are as follows:


- Unable to save profile changes (e.g., editing macros, profile name) to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out)


- Unable to save newly created profiles to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out)


- Although I am able to delete a profile, I can't save this change either to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out)


- Import/Export of existing profiles from a saved backup are also unable to be saved to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out)


- Hardware Playback button is no longer functional (i.e., I am unable to turn this on/off.) This is problematic since I need this turned on for Windows 10 to recognize the macro g key functions on the keyboard.


- Normal keyboard typing (num lock, capslock, etc) is working fine.



I first noticed the problem yesterday 1/28/2019 when I attempted switching between two profiles that utilize different macros. When switching between the two, the keyboard appeared to remain stuck on Profile A settings. I then tried making a change to Profile B and saving it, but this was when I noticed I was no longer able to save to the Raptor K50. I also noticed at this time that the Hardware Playback button was turned off (when it should be turned on). Although the Hardware Playback button appeared turned off, the original Profile A macros continued to function properly (when in theory they should not).


Anyways, I then tried uninstalling the driver and K50 software and then performing a reinstall. No luck. The same problem is occurring.


The only changes that I could suspect are related to the issue is recent Windows Updates over the last 3 weeks, which have either disabled the K50 software or are causing some type of conflict/incompatibility.


Any input or suggestions from the community would be appreciated. Thank you!

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(assuming this is all on windows 10)


Task manager, find the program in the background processes and end task it


now find out where you installed the program and find K50Hid right click it


right click and click trouble shoot compatibility


trouble shoot program


click for windows 8


test it, and it should work


hit next and follow steps unti lyou can save the API to the program or w/e it wants to do


update the firmware? and it should in theory work ?


(im stuck at this part because i dont know how to update firmware)



back to square one,


i unplugged keyboard, put a paper weight on the esc key, plugged keyboard back in


save to K50 is greyed out and cant click hardware playback

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