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Raptor K50 Macros Not Working When Gaming - Windows 10


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Greetings All,


Hopefully some one can point in the right direction for a resolution.


Short story:

I am currently experience an issue with my Raptor K50 keyboard where the macro buttons are unsuccessfull in executing the macro'd keybinds when playing a game, although the game recognizes all the other standard keyboard QWERTY buttons and functions. No error message from my PC appears and the in-game chat log appears not to register any key presses when using the macro buttons.


I am running Windows 10 64 bit and can confirm the macro keybinds are correctly working when using other software (tested out in MSword and the macro buttons execute the keybind presses appropriately). I can also confirm that when previously running Windows 7 the Raptor K50 keyboard executed the macro'd keybinds when playing the game correctly.


On the surface issue appears to be related to Windows 10. Having just upgrade I am not a proficient user and am possibly missing some security settings that are interfering?



More detail:

Recently I had to install Windows 10 64bit and have been redoing all drivers, software, updates etc. I downloaded the specified K50 software from Corsair v1.0.0.15 | 09/19/2013 from the downloads page.


The software installed correctly and the keyboard appears to be working fine. The software utility is fully functional, i can create profiles, write macro's to the macro buttons, change lighting settings no issues. The keyboard appears to work 100% fine and when testing the macro buttons using Microsoft Word, they macro buttons execute any keybinds correctly.


Any input as to settings in Windows 10 or other solutions is most welcome!


Thank you!

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