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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Since last night my keyboard hasn't worked properly, I get the three lock lights (caps, num, scroll) flashing repeatedly and they keyboard now only works as a standard keyboard. The hot / media keys no longer work nor does the led's. It is also no longer detected by the link software used to program the macro keys etc. I was googling last night and was advised to try a firmware update but the software doesn't detect the keyboard. It was also suggested pressing the win lock and f1 keys as it might be stuck in bios mode but this does nothing. The keyboard has been tried in other machines and it behaves the same. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Hi, I purchased a second hand K50 and it has been working perfectly for a few days now, although today when I turned my system on, the three indicator lights (scroll lock, num lock and caps lock) all began flashing and the backlight would not come on, I have been searching everywhere for a solution to this and have found that I may need to update my firmware or that the keyboard may be in 'BIOS mode'. Firstly I cannot update the firmware as the firmware updater will not detect my keyboard and secondly I have no idea how to put the keyboard into or out of BIOS mode, please help me! Thanks in advance for any replies! Nick
  3. all in software links lead to 404 pages i cant change lighting enabeling hardware mode is disabled saving profiles to the keyboard is disabled how do i fix it?
  4. Greetings All, My Corsair Raptor K50 suddenly stopped working. Not sure if this related to any recent Windows Update or not but the symptoms are as follows: - Unable to save profile changes (e.g., editing macros, profile name) to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out) - Unable to save newly created profiles to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out) - Although I am able to delete a profile, I can't save this change either to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out) - Import/Export of existing profiles from a saved backup are also unable to be saved to the Raptor K50 (the Save to K50 button is greyed out) - Hardware Playback button is no longer functional (i.e., I am unable to turn this on/off.) This is problematic since I need this turned on for Windows 10 to recognize the macro g key functions on the keyboard. - Normal keyboard typing (num lock, capslock, etc) is working fine. I first noticed the problem yesterday 1/28/2019 when I attempted switching between two profiles that utilize different macros. When switching between the two, the keyboard appeared to remain stuck on Profile A settings. I then tried making a change to Profile B and saving it, but this was when I noticed I was no longer able to save to the Raptor K50. I also noticed at this time that the Hardware Playback button was turned off (when it should be turned on). Although the Hardware Playback button appeared turned off, the original Profile A macros continued to function properly (when in theory they should not). Anyways, I then tried uninstalling the driver and K50 software and then performing a reinstall. No luck. The same problem is occurring. The only changes that I could suspect are related to the issue is recent Windows Updates over the last 3 weeks, which have either disabled the K50 software or are causing some type of conflict/incompatibility. Any input or suggestions from the community would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Sure the keyboard works fine, but the three lights at the top keep blinking rather annoyingly, and none of the macros or multimedia controls work. It's been getting on my nerves for a long time and I've finally decided to ask about it. First off, my computer recognizes the keyboard as "KBD BOOT LOADER" in Devices and Printers, and I've downloaded the necessary software for my K50 off the Corsair website, but when I update the boot loader's drivers it just says the "best drivers" are already installed. Next I tried CUE, and that just straight up doesn't detect anything. What gives? I don't know much about my specs other than I have a k50 keyboard, a Deathadder mouse, some AOC monitor and a GTX 750 ti card. and like a TB of hard drive space. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Greetings All, Hopefully some one can point in the right direction for a resolution. Short story: I am currently experience an issue with my Raptor K50 keyboard where the macro buttons are unsuccessfull in executing the macro'd keybinds when playing a game, although the game recognizes all the other standard keyboard QWERTY buttons and functions. No error message from my PC appears and the in-game chat log appears not to register any key presses when using the macro buttons. I am running Windows 10 64 bit and can confirm the macro keybinds are correctly working when using other software (tested out in MSword and the macro buttons execute the keybind presses appropriately). I can also confirm that when previously running Windows 7 the Raptor K50 keyboard executed the macro'd keybinds when playing the game correctly. On the surface issue appears to be related to Windows 10. Having just upgrade I am not a proficient user and am possibly missing some security settings that are interfering? More detail: Recently I had to install Windows 10 64bit and have been redoing all drivers, software, updates etc. I downloaded the specified K50 software from Corsair v1.0.0.15 | 09/19/2013 from the downloads page. The software installed correctly and the keyboard appears to be working fine. The software utility is fully functional, i can create profiles, write macro's to the macro buttons, change lighting settings no issues. The keyboard appears to work 100% fine and when testing the macro buttons using Microsoft Word, they macro buttons execute any keybinds correctly. Any input as to settings in Windows 10 or other solutions is most welcome! Thank you!
  7. I have three flashing lights for the num/scroll/and caps lock. The key lights do not work either. I did not spill anything or hurt the keyboard. How can something simply stop working? Luckily the keys still work. Volume and winLock do not work either. Please need help
  8. Hi all. The K50 keyboard is almost identical with the K95. Is it possible to use the same software/driver?
  9. is possible to make it pulse green and purple ? idk what im doing
  10. Hi, I recently bought a k55 to use with my ps4 for a bit so i can afford a new pc. The thing is, ps4 detects the keyboard but certain keys such as the macro ones on the side work.
  11. All drivers have been updated. Using windows 10 64-bit. I have been having to turn the application off because when it is opened my keyboard constantly disconnects and reconnects. And when I have the app off it goes back into the preset rainbow mode. This is becoming a huge problem, I really like the keyboard and I am a huge corsair hardware fan but this software is extremely buggy and difficult. I want to keep it but I can't if it is constantly causing issues. The app seems to be causing glitches as well ever since I installed it I have been getting audio and visual glitches whenever I am using a web browser or virtual machine.
  12. Whenever I plug in any phone though the usb on the back of the keyboard it crashes the computer. It does not crash when I plug the usb cable into the keyboard with the phone already connected, only when i connect the phone.
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