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VS1GBKIT400 problem

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I bought a VS1GBKIT400 that has two Value Select 512 MB DDR Dimms.


When I try to use both Dimms, the computer wont post. When using only one Dimm (either one), the computer boots, but reboots randomly.


The memory does not pass the Memtest86 tests as it appears it has many errors and after 3 or 4 seconds of Memtest, the computer reboots.


My computer's configuration is the following:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

ECS KV2 Extreme motherboard

Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 64MB

80Gb WD hard disk

LG DVD Writer

and the problematic 2x512 MB PC3200 Corsair Value Select


Thank you very much for your help.




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Please test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org. If they both pass one up, that would suggest a problem with the CPU or maybe the MB bios is not new enough to properly see the CPU you have. But please test the modules one at a time and see that the timings are getting set correctly for the modules you have. VS1GBKIT400 Cass 2.5-3-3-8!
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Both modules wont pass Memtest, even using one at a time. The computer just reboots after several seconds of Memtest. In the 3 or 4 seconds Memtest is able to run, it displsys many errors.


Yet, if I use both modules at the same time the computer will not even post! But, if I use one, I can boot into WinME but get reboots or lockups for almost anything.


As for the timings, I cant see them in the BIOS. :confused:

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Ok, I downloaded the newest version of Memtest, because I was using Memtest86, which is different.


Within Memtest I see the timings: 2.5-3-3-7

Also, I can see that the memory is now running at 166Mhz.


But yesterday im sure in the BIOS it said it was running at 200Mhz :confused:

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I received a new replacement VS1GBKIT400 from NewEgg.


Yet, neither of the two new modules work :[pouts:, not in dual-channel configuration, not one at a time, not the two in sigle channel.

The symptoms are the same as before: reboots instantly when running Memtest+.


Maybe this Value Select ram is just not compatible with my motherboard?


What should I do? Should I keep trying more replacements? :confused:

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Dear Ramguy,


I flashed the BIOS to an updated version and the memory works OK, in dual channel!


So, to owners of the KV2 Extreme 1.0 motherboard: flash the BIOS to the latest before using more then 256MB RAM.


Thank you very much.

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