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iCUE / Cpro: Fans don't drop below 700rpm


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One channel suddenly started to show some strange behavoiour. It's the one controlling my top radiator. No matter what I set the curve to the fans won't drop below 600-700rpm anymore. Even if I use the "fixed rpm" setting.


Tried a forced firmware update. No change.


Any ideas?



switched out fans and tried different channels. Seems like Channel 1 has a problem with voltage regulation. Defective Commader Pro?



Did a reset of the commander pro. Now my waterpump seems to show up and is controllable (which it didn't and wasn't before) but channel 1 only regulates speed between 800 and 900 rpm.

disclaimer: the same (Fractal) fans are running perfectly fine on channel 2.



Ok - now trying to regulate fan speeds shorts something in my system and kills power. I'll rma the Commander Pro.

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