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MSI k8n Diamond sli with 1gb 4400


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Hi people


I have just purchased 1 gb of corsair 4400 with an MSI k8n diamond sli, now for the life of me I cant get this thing past 220 fsb, I have tried lowering the HTT to 4x and 3x, with no joy!!!, also upping the voltage.


I have emailed msi, who in turn sent me a technical form to fill out.


system specs....


Msi k8n nforce 4 diamond sli

2* 512 corsair 4400 tried slots 1&2, 3&4

XFX 6800 Ultra

tagan 480

water cooled


strange thing was it did boot once @ 220, but when i reset the pc, it wouldnt boot again, until i cleared the cmos


your help is appreciated......to be honest I think I may have to wait for a bios update, 1.1 is in now.........



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I would try and make the system stable first at default settings and then as you over clock you will need to lower the CPU multiplier and the H/T frequency.


thanks for the reply, but I have tried the system at stock and she is rock solid, I have tried the HTT at 2x wich posted at 220, but surely that would have a massive performance hit.


Ok, I might try this....I have a 3500 newcastle core, now do you think that would make a difference overclocking wise??


I have just been to another forum, and according one poster, he has his memory @ 290!!, with the same setup as me, except he has a 3500 winny.........

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I just dont get this, ok here goes....


I tried 1 stick of ram @ 225 fsb no problem what so ever....

I tried the second stick, problem, it wouldnt boot @ 220


ok, I tried both sticks no boot at 220, so I hit reset a couple of times and she comes on @ 220........so i reset the sytem again, no boot!!!!


Another thing I find strange....That I purchased Twinx, now I have seen corsair with the twinx sticker on it.....mine doesnt have that sticker......................




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I would ask that other user what settings he had set, but yes the new castel CPU's do not over clock as well as some of the newer cores. Can you test the modules in another system?


thanks ram guy for replying....you will find this interesting....


I popped in my newcastle core cpu, and im on 10*250 with no probs at all, Im one happy chappie again!!!!!!!, 250fsb is nothing to laugh at on a new castle!!!!!!!


So my only conclusion is that, on my newer processor a winchester core, it must have a weak memory controller........strange.....week 51 04


thanks a lot ram guy.......what would we do without u!!!!!!





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thanks a lot ram guy.......what would we do without u!!!!!!



No Problem and I know what I would do! LMAO!

Thailand and or Hawaii here I come! LOL :eek:

Well I can dream cant I? :[pouts:

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