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Carbide SPEC-OMEGA Additional RGB Fan


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Hey there.


I recently got an Corsair Carbide SPEC-OMEGA RGB and its pretty awesome and comes with 2 RGB fans. But the inside of the case is still a bit too dark imo.


Now I'd like to add another RGB Fan, 1 that will replace my CPU (LGA 1151) cooler fan which is a scythe-mugen-5-pcgh-edition


So I did some research and there is all kinds of information but I'm still not sure which fan to order.

I came across this list (Dutch)



If The link is not allowed :

  • Corsair SP120 RGB LED (withoutRGB-controller), 120mm
  • Corsair HD120 RGB LED (without PWM-controller), 120mm
  • Corsair HD140 RGB LED High Performance 140mm PWM Fan, 140mm
  • Corsair ML120 PRO RGB LED PWM (Single Pack), 120mm
  • Corsair LL120 RGB LED (Single pack), 120mm
  • Corsair HD120 RGB LED (with PWM-controller), 120mm


But I have no idea what RGB Fans already in the system, because Obviously I want the same one.


And then you can order them with or without controllers, in Which I'd like to think that I wont need one since the controllers already came within my case right ?


So in short :

Which exact (Single) Corsair RGB Fan Do I need to order to add 1 additional RGB fan to my case? (Which is the same as the others in the case.


thx in advance!

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Thx for your reply.


I did some more research and eventually ordered an:

-Corsair HD120 RGB LED (without PWM-controller), 120mm


I replaced my Scythe Mugen front Fan With the RGB fan and I put the Scythe Mugen Fan on the front panel for extra cooling.



Link to photo of my case.


For other users : I Figured out the SPec Omega RGB

Has a

-Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub

The case comes with 2 RGB fans and with this in the case you can upgrade eventually to 6 fans in my case i have 3 fans. But pay attention to the Case fan connections available on your motherboard!

-Lighting Node Pro (NoPro)

The case already uses 2/2 of these ports, 1 for the front panel lightning and the other to the Fan hub. This means that If you want to use the RGB Lightning strips from corsair, you'l need another lightning pro I Think, unless you want/can connect them directly to the motherboard. But I am personally happy with my case now :).


Anyway Question has been answered and problem solved, Topic can be Closed if need be.

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