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No Mic Boost Available


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Just got my new white HS70 wireless headset, and I have a problem.


Audio coming out of the headphones is great, and mic quality is excellent as it is heard through sidetone.


That being said, the mic is very sensitive and picks up everything, which makes me unable to use it in my favorite games because everyone will hear me clicking, typing, etc. I could play on "press-to-talk" but "open mic" is far more preferable.


I could fix this by Lowering the mic levels and boosting whatever's left behind, but in both the ICUE and windows control panels I only have the former option available (to change mic levels) Which is odd because normally the option to boost audio is present. I can lower the level so that the mic only picks up my voice, but at that point the audio coming out is extremely quiet, and there is no option to boost it.


Being a wireless headset, audio output and input goes through USB and not a conventional jack, which complicates things I'm sure.


Is anyone else encountering this issue? Have I missed something huge and extremely obvious? I haven't seen anyone else with this issue and I'm curious to see if it's actually a thing.

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