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pc-2100 gone bad?-need RMA


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I started getting errors when running various programs, such as "firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to shut down". I never had problems with firefox before but I thought I would download the program again and reinstall it. Then I had the same problem with Internet Explorer crashing. I finally got it downloaded but couldn't run the install because it said the program was corrupt. Other programs crashed or didn't load at all. Some of the error messages said "page file error" or "page file error in non-paged area". Then my computer wouldn't boot but would stop during POST and I would get long beeps in a loop that would continue until I turned the computer off. I looked up the beep codes in the user's manual and found that the beeps mean "No DRAM installed or detected". I had 2 memory modules, both corsair pc-2100, 256mb, so I did some troubleshooting and found the computer would boot and run fine with one of the modules in but not with the other(I tried them in the same slot on the mobo). So does this sound like one of the modules has gone bad?
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