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A little clarification about the HD120 RGB PWM


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So i bought the fan in the title (ofc unkowingly i need the hub and so now ill be going to get a fan with the hub).

The above i already understood from a stickied post but im stil left with a few questions:

1. I understand all fans need to be connected to the hub BUT where do i connect the hub to? My mobo (asus z390-h rog strix) has a 4 pin connector for led control, is this the 1?

2. Is any mobo availble for connection of the hub or is it only some chosen ones that decided to support that?

3. If it IS possible to connec tto my mobo (that has led control app - asus aura) can i control the leds of the fans using that so i can sync everything?


Thank you :)

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The RGB lighting Hub is power regulator for the lighting aspect of Corsair RGB hubs. It is too much current to combine the lighting and fan power into a single source. They are split along a separate fan power and lighting power route. Fan power will look like every other fan and plug into motherboard headers or other fan controllers. The lighting connectors are smaller, flatter, and go back into the RGB Lighting Hub. The lighting hub itself gets its power from a separate SATA Power line. Most people have extras coming off the multi-attachments for your HDD/SSDs. However, bear in mind we have not talked about lighting control yet. The HDs were the original RGB fans and came with a thumb sized remote control. However, in order to control the lighting from the iCUE software and gain access to the most of the customization features, you need either a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. The lighting interface connects to the motherboard USB 2.0. Having originally tried the HDs with the thumb remote, the experience was a bit disappointing. They were insanely bright and you will be limited to single colors or basic patterns. That didn't last long and they came off. Trying again six months later with a Commander Pro was a vastly different experience and they have pretty much stayed ever since. I would strongly advise you to go with the Lighting Node Pro + strip pack or get the fan controller version in the Commander Pro that will also make fan speeds adjustable. I suspect you don't have the thumb sized remote either, so you will need to choose a course of action.


The lighting hubs on most motherboards are not sufficient to control Corsair lighting. There are a few people doing workarounds and the like, but unless you like things really basic or erratic, you don't want Aura controlling your Corsair RGB fans. Aura is very limited in what it can do and the effects are possibly aimed at a more juvenile audience. As the owner of a couple of boards with with built in Aura controlled LEDs, my advice (once you have the HDs installed) is to set to a static, blinking, or rainbow color. On the Z370/390 boards. That does two things: 1) Makes managing all the RGB effects a little simpler. You can do crazy stuff with the Corsair fans. Trying to get the motherboard LEDs to play along is frustrating beyond belief. 2) That will shift the control from an active software process to the motherboard itself. That is actually more useful than it sounds and Aura should never crash, never start sucking down 13% of your CPU power, and won't even run. You can still launch and change it at any time. Running multiple RGB control programs can be both a headache and cause actual software conflicts. Asus needs to get Aura out of the 2000s and into a more modern control system with better LEDs. I still can't do white or pure yellow on my Z370 Code X.



Hopefully this can clear up the Corsair functionality.


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thank you for the clarification.

so basically, if i understand correctly I need the following:


1. buy a RGB fan led hub and connect my fan to it

2. buy a (preferably?) commander pro hub and connect the fan led hub to it

3. connect the commander pro hub to a sata power intake and a usb (inner?) for control from iCue

4. i will prefer iCue over Aura (even if it's possible to use aura) because iCue gives much more control over it



have I understood all of that correctly?

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Hi buddy... as said.. have a good read of the below Linked thread,, Really does cover Corsair RGB Hardward Ecosystem..





but to answer your questions..


1. Yes.. you Need the RGB Fan LED Hub.


2. Yes the Commander Pro is the Heart of the Corsair RGB Ecosystem. I would also suggest you get this device


3. Yes that would be how you add the Commander Pro into your system and then plug the RGB Fan LED Hub into the Commander Pro.. the RGB fan's go into the RGB Fan LED Hub.


4. Yes you would use iCUE to control it all

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ok thanks for clearing things up , just 1 last question - what is the difference between the light node pro and commander pro? do I need more than the light node pro for controlling only 6 fans? I don't foresee any other upgrades to my system in the future, and as 1 hub can handle 6 fans and connect to both the node pro and the commander, why would I prefer the commander over the node? (I did read the post but can't exactly put my finger on the differences still)


thank you!

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All Covered here buddy





Lighting Node Pro


  1. Sata Powered
  2. Connects to a USB header
  3. Support 2 LED channels. Each channel supports a single RGB Fan Hub or up to 4 strips in LINK and 6 Strips Limit in iCue

Allows RGB Control via Corsair iCue/LINKLighting only.


if you go for this option you will have to control the fans speeds some other way as You won't have control in iCUE. the Lighting Node Pro is a Lighting device only




Commander Pro =


  1. Sata Powered with 4.5a Limit for the entire unit... this includes its MCU as well as a 1a limit per fan header. (note.Not Officially supported but there is no reason why you can not use Fan header Splitter cables but its been noted triple fan splitters cause issues)
  2. Connects via USB Header
  3. Has 2 USB headers
  4. Support 2 LED channels. Each channel supports a single RGB Fan Hub or up to 4 strips in LINK and 6 Strips Limit in iCue
  5. Has 6 Configurable Voltage/PWM fan headers
  6. Has 4 Temp Probe Channels and 4 Supplied Probes
  7. Comes with 2 RGB data connection cables for RGB Fan LED Hubs.
  8. Allows RGB/Fan RPM Control & System Monitoring via Corsair iCue/LINK


If you go for this option you will have full control of your fans for both lighting and RPM in iCUE

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