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iCue feature I used to use, now isn't there?


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I recently did a fresh reinstall of my PC and upon re-installing iCue, i was terribly disappointed.

I use iCue for my RGB ram and I had set up a rather intricate light show over the sticks. You were able to do this by selecting individual nodes and ontop of that, layer effects stacked on top of each other for a really cool and unique look.


Having opened up iCue today, i've found there is no way to select individual nodes on the stick anymore. From memory there's 10 to a stick.


Looking up guides and tutorials, it seems that people are saying you can't stack layers and none of them show the option to select different nodes. I have a video of my light setup that I had, so I know i'm not losing my mind. What's going on?


How do I get this feature back?

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