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I was installing a GPU water cooling and I am afraid I may have damaged the GPU.


That small thing (see screenshot) got detached.


I added insulation material and kind of soft sticked it again (but of course it's not soldering)



1) What is that?

2) what is the purpose of it?

3) what happens if you detach one from the GPU motherboard?


I guess worst case scenario you can hire a person to re-solder it, BUT I got the impression that since it wasn't the chip or a VRAM or a capacitor or a resistor maybe it wasn't something that would 'kill' the GPU.


I am still, quite clueless of what that is.

Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Xavierbaez,


That is likely a small capacitor that you knocked off. If the pads that it was soldered to are still there then I would have that put back on by someone. Those can control current to a part, in this case its likely the ram on the other side. Sometimes they can act as a small fuse in the case of over-current. If the card will even run without it you likely will lose that ram chip on the other side and cause stability issues.


I would get it fixed by a laptop repair shop that can solder.

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