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Commander pro and usb2 connection


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So I have a motherboard from a constructor (Dell xps 8930) that I have upgraded step by step.

(picture: LINK)


I would like to buy a corsair H100x and a command pro to light my case.


My concern about the command pro is that I don't have any internal usb2 connector on the motherboard (as you can see). However on the back panel I have two usb2 connector.


So my question is, will it be possible to plug the pro commander directly on a Usb2 plug on the back panel ?

(So plug number 2 of that picture PICTURE)


thanks a lot for your help.

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You would need two of these: https://sewelldirect.com/idc-5-male-motherboard-connector-single-row-to-usb-20-a-male-adapter-cable?stm_type=ppc&stm_source=adwords&stm_brand=unnasigned&campaignid=1585231856&adgroupid=60109576536&creative=297743863396&targetid:pla-297971010661&feeditemid=&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhKPN3OSx3gIVAg9pCh30GgutEAkYAiABEgLTVvD_BwE (as an example).

On one of them, you'd need to snip off the connector (1 row has 4 pins rather than 5).


On the Commander Pro, unlike the other devices, both USB ports are actually used. However, one of them is for the internal USB hub so if you don't need that, you don't need to connect it. IIRC, the 5 pin USB port is for the USB hub.

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Thanks for the reply.


So if I get it right, I can just buy one cable and plug it (need to snip a pin) to the 4 pins usb female plug from the commander, and then plug the* «*normal*» usb to the back of the motherboard. That will allow me to use icue ?


Thanks !

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Hi again,


Will an internal usb 3.0 to usb 2.0 adaptator will work ? I’m not using the front panel usb, so I can unplug the usb 3 cable on the motherboard, that will free up an internal 3.0 usb connector on the motherboard, so I could plug the following adaptator to it




Will that be ok ?




Ps: of course I will need to create a male to male 9pins connector to connect the commander to the 3.0 to 2.0 adaptator above


Edit: i have even found a usb3.0 female to usb2.0 male, which will be even easier.


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Thanks again I will try that then !


Last question, the commander pro has 2 usb2 connectors, can I plug RGB light of another CPU cooler brand ? ie: an NZXT (as the the rgb lighting looks awesome ... I'm thinking to get this CPU cooler, plug it to the usb2 of the commander pro to monitor the RGB ligthing of the NZXT, and change the NZXT fans with some LL120 corsair)


This is the last crazy question from me ! :)


Thanks a lot for your help !




Ps: of course I will let you know the result of the first test !

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