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Corsair VOID PRO RGB WIRELESS Special Edition Gaming Headset - Acoustic noises


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I got no response on the german Thread so i will post it here as i can see there are more active Support.

Link to German Thread - http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181967


I bought this headset back in September through Amazon. Apart from the software,

which gets better but still doesn't work very well I have the following problem:


  • At 65% Windows volume the device starts to have an acoustic noises when the sound is on low volume e.g Spotify.

If there is no sound transmitted, the headset is quiet, but as soon as i listen to quiet music.

there is an audible noise. The louder the Windows volume, the louder the noise.


Previously I had the Logitech H800 and there were no problems at all, so I would rule out a defect in my hardware.

Amazon send me a replacement and it has the exact same problem, so I have to assume that it is not an isolated case.


However, I have taken the following steps without any success:

  • switched the 2.4 GhZ network to channel 13
  • Switched USB Port (auf USB 3.0)
  • updated iCUE
  • updated Headset Firmware

Before I send the device back to Amazon, I wanted to know if I could take any other action to fix the problem.

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