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Is my Corsair HX1000i in trouble?


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I have a HX1000i that I bought in 2015. Lately I've been having weird issues. Games will open up, but once they start to load beyond the main menu into the actual game, system will hang and sometimes completely reboot without an error warning.


Benchmarks run okay, but running at high resolution will usually hang/reboot as well.


I've ruled out driver issues and have updated software, etc. Haven't done any overclocking, and I've tested with a digital PSU tester but this doesn't test under load which is when the computer seems to reboot.


Only thing to note is about 2 or 3 times in the past month we lost power at my house abruptly. Not sure if that would cause an issue but worth mentioning.


Any way I can test the GPU under load outside of trying to play a game or a benchmark so I can grab some numbers?


Or should I just try to RMA?

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