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I feel like my VOID PROs are making my PC crash while I play BO4.


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Just hear me out.


I have been using these headphones for a while now with no issues. Great sound! Comfortable. First real headset i've ever had.


I noticed that when i played Black Ops 4, that my PC would just turn off, possibly due to overheating, after about 30-45 min of play time. After investigating, I reckon it was time for an upgrade to the processor. Then one day i had off so I decided I would just deal with the literal blackouts all day just so I can at least play my new game I just got. After 4 hours of not one single problem, i began to wounder "What am I doing differently?".


I was not using my headphones, but instead I was just getting my normal audio from my monitor connected via HDMI.


After testing the game without head phones for 2 hours today and no reboot, I then switch to headphones on and was meet by a reboot after an additional 20 min in game, then almost every game after reboot and launching 3 more time. Went back to audio from my monitor and my PC never crashed.


Why on Earth would my Corsair VOID PRO RBG Wireless headphones, while in use, make my PC reboot when I am running Black Ops 4 and no other game on my system? Even after disabling iCUE and other non-vital processes?

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