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AX1200i PSU Buzzing


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Recently i have noticed a buzzing sound from my AX1200i.


Just recently i borrowed a brand new 1080ti from work while waiting for my 2080ti. The card worked for a few hours then it startet artifacting. Thats when i noticed the buzzing noise from the Power supply. (might be a faulty card)


I then tested the 1080ti in another computer. Same issue there, the card was artifacting.


I then proceeded to test a 980ti card before installing my new 2080ti card. This worked for a few days without any issues (and no buzzing noise from psu).


I then installed my 2080ti wich has been working fine for about a week. Today when i played pubg, i noticed the power supply started making the buzzing noise again. (its not the 2080ti coil whine. its clearly coming from the Power Supply)


I am afraid this will damage my gpu as it might be the culprint of the broken 1080ti.


Is this buzzing noise normal? Sounds just like this one:[ame]

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Hey jaokait, having trouble hearing in your video, but if it's having a whine, definitely put in a ticket with support so they can help you out. The whine shouldn't affect anything in the system, but could just be an issue with the unit itself.
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