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Cannot Install/Uninstall iCUE After a failed uninstalling.


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alright ill explain the whole story, i was trying to uninstall iCue so i could update to the newest one, but i accidentally closed the uninstall in the middle of the uninstalling, so after that i wasnt able to install the program anymore. It says that older version of iCUE cannot be removed, please contact techinal support.


Heres what ive tried to fix this


-Updated Windows

-Cleared Registery with the Words CUE/Corsair

-Deleted all Corsair Folders in like appdata,local,programdata etc.

-Ran Registery Cleaner

-tried older versions of iCUE


im literally f****d i dont know what to do anymore.

only files that i left in the pc with the name of Corsair/iCue are CorsairVHidDriver.sys and CorsaisVBusDriver.sys, cause im too afraid to remove those.

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