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Not detected by iCUE, Winlock LED constantly blinking


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I have had this K55 RGB Keyboard for around a year. And now, the Keyboard is no longer detected by iCUE. Also, the Winlock LED is always blinking. I've tried Factory Resetting the Keyboard, but it does not seem to be fixing the problem.

I dont know what the problem is or how to fix it. Please help!

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Hello, I've had the same problem (exactly today) and I've been looking for and testing solutions to this problem all day.

In my case, pressing the F1 + Win Lock keys hasn't solved it, even though I've tried.

Finally, after many tests removing iCue, cleaning registry, updating and reinstalling windows drivers, I've found the solution that has worked for me:

In the Equipment manager, Device Manager, in the User Interface Devices (HID) section, remove all the devices called "USB input device" and then selecte, in the menu, action, Search for Hardware changes.

Automatically it has returned my keyboard (without the iCue, obviously) but it has recognized it as a connected keyboard and has disabled the blinking of the Win Lock led.

I hope this helps someone and I'm sorry for the errors but I don't speak English (Google translated it).




Hola, yo he tenido el mismo problema (exactamente el día de hoy) y he estado todo el día buscando y probando soluciones a este problema.

En mi caso el pulsar las teclas F1+Win Lock no lo ha resuelto, por mas que lo he intentado.

Finalmente, tras muchas pruebas retirando iCue, limpiando registro, actualizando y reinstalando controladores de windows, he dado con la solución que me ha funcionado:

En el administrador de Equipos, Administrador de Dispositivos, en la sección de Dispositivos de interfaz de usuario (HID), he retirado todos los dispositivos denominados "Dispositivo de entrada USB" y luego he seleccionado en el menu, acción, Buscar cambios de Hardware.

Automaticamente me ha devuelto mi teclado (sin el iCue, evidentemente) pero lo ha reconocido como teclado conectado y a desactivado el parpadeo del led Win Lock.

Espero que esto ayude a alguien y siento los errores pero no hablo ingles (lo ha traduccido Google).


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