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At the the end of my mind with icue


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I have a brand new glave rgb mouse just a few weeks old. From day one I have dang near all the issues and some that have been talked about on these forums. After thinking it was some kind of software/hardware issue on my PC and doing everything from disabling different software/hardware to reformatting my hard drive. I put any of the other mice (razer,logitec,steelseires) I have on my pc and all is fine!


Is there a special driver I'm missing? Maybe somewhere I have missed on the site?


What are the Corsair engineers doing to fix this issue.


IMO I gave Corsair $50 bucks for nothing!

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I do apologies, but I'm so frustrated. I have some freezes and what seems to be lost signal to the mouse. The lost signal issue is during start up on my pc, as I have to reboot 1-2 times to get the mouse t0 work. Then after I do get pass the startup, the mouse may work for 20 min. to 2 hours be for it starts not to track. The tracking issue is like this. I move my mouse in any direction, and it goes crazy. If I move the mouse and stop the pointer it keeps moving.Other times it just won't move for a second or two. I also hear the window chime that tells a user something has been disconnected or connected.


My system


gigabite motherboard

8mb G.Skilll ram

msi rx570 gpu


windows 10 64bit.

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Well, that's quite odd and I definitely understand the frustration.


Have you tried plugging the mouse into a different USB port? How about forcing a firmware update?


If neither of those work, you may want to contact Corsair Support or your reseller - you may have a defective unit. I can say that I've (personally) never seen that behavior with my Glaive.

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