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H110i Pro + 8700K High Temps?


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Typo in the thread title not withstanding, try downloading iCUE - before you panic - and see if the cooling system is set on ultra low or Quiet mode by default.


Mine was, but I found it out after re-seating twice and switching to liquid metal.


Dropped 30c while testing a stable (but modest) 24/7 overclock on the new system.


I highly recommend that Corsair changes the default to Balanced. Quiet doesn't handle some of Intel's little Nuclear Reactors. I fully chalk the experience up to a little ignorance, however, even the FAQ suggest that the RPM in Quiet is around 1900 RPM. This wasn't the case for me, it was as low as 1090 ~ 1200 RPM.


Pump speeds are low. In “Quiet” mode, the pump speed should be around 1900 RPM. In “Performance” mode, this will be around 2900 RPM.



Running the long Prime95 test right now after chipping away at VCore, VCCIO, and SAVoltage, I have to admit this cooler performs a lot better than I expected. I had room for the H115i and was worried I made the wrong choice but this is working out really well. Very neat little product.

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Those pump speeds refer to the H100i V2, not the H100i Pro. Different coolers, different pumps. That is very specifically mentioned to help troubleshoot the (very) common power issues related to those coolers. That's not an issue for you - yours is SATA powered.


And yes, Quiet mode on those cooler does make a difference on the Pro coolers.

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