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VOID Corsair not pairing with Dongle, not updating in ICue


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I've been using a VOID Wireless for about a year now and haven't had many problems, without ICue installed. I recently installed ICue and adjusted some settings and clicked update because I thought it would update the profile changes onto the headset. After that, my headset stopped immediately and won't turn back on or pair. I've tried to update my headset (in case it was in bootloader to pair it), but next to the "Battery/Status" category in device settings, it says "Not Connected."


It's definitely in bootloader because "Avnera AV6302" shows up in devices along with the headphones, but the dongle doesn't read (Not sure if that's normal or not for bootloader). I can't update the headphones or put them into pairing because they won't turn on or go into pairing when I hold down the power. The Dongle can be set into pairing mode and is fine right now, but the headphones won't go into pairing, turn on, or update. Any help would be appreciated.


(What my ICue looks like)


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