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Technical support needed


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Hi - the link for technical support in the stick regarding bad parts doesn't work and since I need either a tech support number or a ram guy number I figured I'd post here.


I ordered a kit of VS1GBKIT400 - actually I'm not sure if they were the VS1GBKIT400C3 or not (i'm at work not home) - last october.


After installing the modules I notice that certain programs would consistently cause errors in windows xp and give messages regarding memory exceptions or something.


I switched the memory back to my previous set and the errors disappeared.


Since then I've delayed trying to get help but yesterday I decided to take the time to test the memory.


I used Memtest86+. I ran the test on my existing KingMax ram and found no errors after 3 passes. I ran the test on the set of VS1GBKIT400 in dual channel mode and found 90 errors before completing the 2nd test of the first pass. I reran the test on each stick of the VS1GBKIT400 kit and found that while one completed without errors through 2 passes, the second was continually giving errors on every test in the pass.


Now, I'm going to get an RMA for the kit, but my question is - do i return ONLY the defective stick? or do i return the full kit since it is package to begin with?


Thanks in advance


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