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How to make all fans change their RGB pattern in one button press (Help needed)


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I'm trying to make it so I can basically have a profile of RGB patterns that I can bind to a key on my keyboard. The reason for this is because on my I have a camera into my highly RGB'd PC and when someone subs I would like to have the pattern changed to something custom. I have 6 LL series fans and a LED strip.


Is this possible, how can I do it?

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First, you would need iCue.

Second, you would need multiple profiles with the different lighting patterns that you want.

Third, you'd need to bind a "Profile Switching" action to a key on your Corsair keyboard.


Thanks for the reply, I just noticed you said "Corsair" keyboard, would this require my keyboard to be corsair? The button I would be binding it to is a button on a Keypad that has been set to a F13-24 keys.

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