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XMS256A-3200C2PT Faulty


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I've been having issues with this stick of memory for some time now. It has given me problems in four different computers. I finally did some research and ran memtest86 on my system that this memory was currently installed. There were a total of 4 of these sticks in the system all the same XMS256A-3200C2PT modules. MB ECS 865G-M, CPU P4 2.4A Prescott, 160GB WD HD, Memorex CD Burner, Antec Smart Blue 350W. CPU running at 133 FSB, memory at 166MHz, timings were left at SPD which were 2,3,3,7

During the first test, errors started right away and never stopped during all the tests. Removed two sticks from slots 2 and 4 and reran test. No errors. Removed memory from slots 1 and 3 and set aside. Placed one of the sticks removed previously in slot 1 and reran test, no errors. Placed other memory module that was previously removed in slot 1 and ran test, errors galore.


Is there any other test procedures that I may be missing?

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