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VOID RGB Pro Wireless issue


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my headphones are being really strange, I've charged them to 100% to only have them take a while to sync to the dongle. If I turn around in my chair to look at something behind me the audio cuts out entirely. I'm also experiencing a weird phenomenon where the head set chirps and announces "mic off" repeatedly every ~ 30 seconds, all while the mic is in the "off position". I'm also having a hard time turning the headset on to being with. I have tried everything I can think of regarding the driver and ensuring its all plugged in in the correct ports with no avail. I haven't really had any issues till the new CUE update but I back dated my driver to still have the same issue.


Is anyone else having any of this happening to them?

Any one have any remedies?

I've submitted a support ticket with no help there either, thus far.

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